Meeting the great Inventor

The Maker said...

Meeting the great Inventor

Finally, the day came to meet Benjamin.

We discussed many aspects about the conception of his wonderful idea, I was amazed since the concept creation had been so well thought out. It can be a great idea for the future and thus save our oceans, the way this object is thought is very clever.

Transforming waste into energy is the main objective of this device, ASP Déchets 0.1, with its seven legs each armed with several sensors to detect waste and locate it even 1 kilometer away is terrific and, on top of that combining with the idea of renewable energy which is actually used to move their tentacles is the perfect complement to close with a golden flourish.  

I was so glad with Benjamin's reaction when he saw the little advances I had made for representing a bit of my job related to his idea and now it is the time to bring to life Benjamin’s idea !

The Maker
Andres Torres
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