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A great idea

When I got the Benjamin’s idea it caught my eye at the very first moment. 

I was so impressed about Benjamin’s skills at drawing, when I saw his drawing for the very first time, I felt the potential of his invention and concept without reading anything at all! That beautiful and expressive drawing was telling me a lot of detail even when I had not read any word or explanation about his idea.

I have to say I found it so clever that his invention was related to an octopus, it immediately starts telling me greater cognitive complexity and so many possibilities to think about having this super smart sea creature as a starting point. I started feeling so many good things and, when I got to read his descriptions of what he has in his mind, it drew a noticeably big smile on my face. I was like, I got it! This is the idea I was looking for and, of course I decided to make it real. I mean I wanted to develop his thoughts and his marvelous creation. 

So, I started to do some sketches for representing what I kept from his idea and, as part of the process of translating my thoughts, exploring a little bit about form and function of this amazing machine that could be the saver for our oceans and the related environment.

The Maker
Andres Torres
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