Detective Danger

Age 9
Winnipeg, Canada

Precious-Joy wanted his invention to help protect animals and stop them from going extinct, especially his favourite animals, dolphins. Precious-Joy has invented this wonderful underwater system to alert divers to sea creatures that are in danger or in need of help. 

Detective Danger by Precious-Joy

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The Inventor
Winnipeg, Canada
The Maker
SiYuet Cheung (Jessie)
Toronto, Canada

Invention Story

The Idea!

The sensor at the bottom of the sea reports to divers that an animal is in danger. The divers have a pod that helps them to locate the animal. They will be able to help the animal or take it back to a safe space.

We love that Precious-Joy has been using the Inventor's Log to further explore the Detective Danger invention.

The Maker said...

Turtle in Distress

A short clip of a turtle in distress! Caught by a plastic bag, waiting to be rescued by Detective Danger and the diver!

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Look at this amazing comic that Precious-Joy has created to tell us all about Detective Danger. Well done Precious!

The Maker said...

Sensors at Work

Sensors are working hard to detect the animals in distress!

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Precious-Joy talked about Detective Danger with Jessie over a video call. Jessie shared the progress on the invention animation to get feedback from Precious-Joy.

The Maker said...

The Pod

A drawing of the pod for the diver to move freely under the deep deep ocean. Inspired by Dr. Sylvia Earle's submarine.

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The Maker said...


Satellite in space... the crucial device that sends a signal to the diver, which helps them to locate the animals in distress.

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Keep inventing Precious-Joy! We love your thoughtful and clever invention and would love to see the Daycare Duo.

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