3D Model Version 2

The Maker said...

3D Model Version 2

The past week, I've actually been playing around with the design more. I'm much happier with this version and I think it better resembled Meghan's drawing. I made the turtle a lot wider since I noticed how thin I originally made it.

As for the claws, I made them more rectangular and only put 3 of them. I also added another section for the turtle's arms so that it could better reach the compartment in its shell. Speaking of the shell, I finally added the lid!

This version of the turtle is basically finished so I will be colouring it this week, then I'll rig it. In animation, when someone says they're rigging something, it means they're adding a skeleton to it. Adding a skeleton to a model (or a 2D drawing for a 2D animation) makes it easier for the model to move.

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