Finishing Touches: Adding Sounds!

The Maker said...

Finishing Touches: Adding Sounds!

Picking up from the last blog entry, we now look for sounds and then add them to the animation!

I start looking for sound effects by going onto which is a website that provides all kinds of sound effects that are free to use! The main sound effects I tried looking for to add in the animation are waves (as requested by Lily-Ane during our zoom call), bubbles, ocean ambience and machine-like sounds for certain parts of the invention.

Once, I find the sounds that I think best suits the animation, I then download them and then add the sounds to the animation. I then continue to edit the sound until I feel like it flows with the animation. After that we export the animation and it’s done! Yay! :D

Overall, I'm really happy with how the animation came out and I hope Lily-Ane likes it! :D

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