Project Process!

The Maker said...

Project Process!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on animating the project! The process in how the animation is made starts with me drawing assets in Photoshop. Assets are the visuals or parts of the animation like the invention itself, backgrounds, and other elements that will get added in the animation. 

After I finish drawing the assets in Photoshop, I then take those assets and bring them into After Effects where I start using different tools in the program to animate the invention! 

During the process, I continue to edit and animate the invention until I am satisfied with the results. Some changes had to be made from the original plan such as having retractable claws instead of just having the claws in full length for easy mobility inside the invention. Don’t worry! Changes that happen during the process of a project is completely normal and often times can help improve it.

 From there, the animation is almost complete and now, we have to look and add sounds! :D

The Maker
Jennifer Tran
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