Plastic Masterpiece Maker

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Plastic Masterpiece Maker

Hi, David Dumbrell here. When I looked over the inventions I was drawn to Erica's idea, she had tackled the problem of how to deal with the plastics once recovered from the ocean. 

I zoomed with Erica a short time later to discuss her invention and we went over my drawing of her invention ”Plastic Masterpiece Maker”. My drawing shows an industrial plant with a conveyor belt running from one machine to the next. Erica agreed and had a few thoughts about what colours she would like to see, she gave the go-ahead and work began to bring her invention to life. 

The first thing I like to make is the structure that holds the moving parts, then the gears that will drive each drive shaft. Mounted on each drive shaft (there are 3) is an cylinder with small spikes, which are added to make sure the belts do not slip. 

I used seat belt material for the belts. The belts come from the base up through the top and onto rollers that I have covered with an old bike inner tube so the belts don't slip.

Now that the basic structure is made I can now move on to the real fun part, making all the machines that make up Erica’s invention.

The Maker
David Dumbrell
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