January 2021

The Maker said...

January 2021

I found out that I was assigned "The Fish Light" by Onna as the invention I'm going to bring to life. I'm very pleased because Onna made a very clear plan for her invention - maybe she'll be an engineer when she grows up! I think it will be a very colorful and fun invention to look at.

Another reason that I really like this invention is that it hits the sweet spot - I have a good idea of how I will make the main features of it, so it's not too intimidating... but there are a lot of opportunities for creativity and bonus features, once I get the basics down. I think it's going to draw from some of the electronics that I have learned from my previous invention projects - for example RGB LEDs I learned to use for the Sun Cube.

The first step when you get assigned an invention is to have a chat with Dominic, the Chief Inventor. We brainstorm some ideas on how to make the Fish Light into a beautiful object - Dominic suggests maybe adding some movement to it and I really like that idea. I run an idea by him - making the fish net out of fiber optics - and he really likes it. Fibre optics isn't something I have worked with in the past but I'd like to explore them a bit.

After our conversation I draw a first sketch of what the idea could look like if I made it with fibre optics and incorporated some movement in the fish.

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