Eyes & Teeth

The Maker said...

Eyes & Teeth

After my meeting with Luiza, I learned that the Garbage Sea Sweeper has metal teeth! I adjusted by painting the teeth copper and the mouth black. I chose to make the teeth copper because I plan on painting the sculpture silver and I want the teeth to stand out.  

I painted the teeth in advance so I can build up with more Magic Sculpt around the mouth and won't have to try and work in tiny and awkward spaces later with paint. I know this looks messy, but since I know I'm adding more material, I don't have to be too precise with my painting.  

I also added eyes! I ordered glass fish eyes from Nix Creations on Etsy. I needed to make some adjustments to add the red light to represent Luiza's camera eyes, so I scratched off some of the back of the eye and painted it red. It's subtle. Can you see it?

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