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Sketch Again

I finally got to meet Luiza on Zoom! Luiza lives in Saskatoon, SK and I live in Prince George, BC (but I am originally from Regina, SK - so I felt familiar with Luiza's surroundings). It was nice to meet her and her teacher.

Luiza told me more about her sculpture: it is a mechanical garbage sea sweeper that collects garbage from the ocean. The garbage is "eaten" and crushed by metal teeth to compact it. It then travels into the net where it is stored with other compressed garbage until it is full. It can then return to humans to empty it and send it out again.

She was inspired to invent it after a holiday in Mexico where she went snorkelling and saw garbage everywhere. It looks like a shark so that fish will be afraid of it and not get caught in the net.  

I have been using a fish skeleton as a starting point - not a shark skeleton - silly me! Luiza's drawing sure does look like a shark. I'm carrying on with my interpretation of Luiza's idea - with a sharky-fish structure. Since I now know that its teeth are metal, I will make some adjustments!

I also learned the Garbage Sea Sweeper's eyes are red because they are actually cameras. How clever!

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