Robot Fish

Age 10
Wekoqmoq, Canada

This ingenious invention is a fish shaped robot that swims around collecting trash using its claw and then swallowing it. Once it is full, it goes back to the surface to empty its cargo for recycling, removing harmful waste from the ocean.

Robot Fish by Jayla

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The Inventor
Wekoqmoq, Canada
The Maker
Jordan Alexander
Halifax / K'jipuktuk, Canada

Invention Story

The Idea!

It’s a fish that picks up plastic in the ocean. It takes plastic and puts it in the bucket. It goes through a tube into the fish. Once it's full, the fish goes up to air and empties the plastic.

Jayla has been using her Inventor's Log to think more about her idea and tell us some great oceans facts that she has learned through taking part in the challenge. Jayla has also drawn this great picture of how she like to enjoy the ocean herself. Well done Jayla!

The Maker said...

Making the Robot Fish - Part 1

Hello there! My name is Jordan Alexander and I am a science education facilitator at Ulnooweg’s Digital Mi ...

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On a video call Jayla met makers Alexa and Jordan to talk through the Robot Fish invention and how they would bring it to life.

Jayla has created this fantastic illustrated story to tell us more about the Robot Fish.

The Maker said...

Making the Robot Fish - Part 2

To come up with the general style, I put together a collage of different goldfish, robot fish, and First ...

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Jayla has already started thinking about what inventions to create next. With such ingenious ideas, we can't wait to see them!

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